One of the earliest industries in Jackson County was the manufacture of white lime for the building industry.  The process started with local limestone and, after exposure to intense heat, ended with white, powdered lime…then an important ingredient in manufacturing mortar.  The kilns where kept burning day and night throughout the summer and fall and produced 8000 barrels of fine quality lime daily!

The four kilns at Hurstville are the largest group of  of fully restored kilns in the United States. Their restoration took four years and was completed in 1985.

The Hurstville Lime Kilns can be self toured from 6 am to 10:30 pm year round.  Tours are available to families and groups upon request.  Contact the Jackson County Conservation office (563.652.3783) to schedule a tour. For more information, visit the Jackson County Conservation page or the Jackson County Historical Society page.

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Hurstville Lime Kilns

7301 Hurstville Road

Maquoketa, Iowa 52060 USA