World’s Best Meats:

Now THAT’S something you can sink your teeth into!



We weren’t kidding when we named our business “World’s Best Meats!” Our full-size slab jerkies are like no other you’ve ever tasted. In fact, the most common comment we hear is “Best darn jerky I’ve ever had.”

So…have some! Enjoy. Try the beef or the bison. Choose smooth or original flavor. Or try Flamethrower and light your tastebuds on fire!

This is real meat in its natural state.  Our jerky isn’t chopped and formed like other jerkies. It’s think, tender and chewy, with the best natural hickory wood smokehouse-cured taste in the world. It’s so hearty and delicious, you’ll never be satisfied with another brand.

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World's Best Meats

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